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There are several different lengths of ring slings and woven wraps. The size that's best for you and your child depends on several factors. Within woven wraps, we talk about something called the "base size." Most people start with a wrap in their base size. Your base size is the length you need to comfortably tie a "Front Wrap Cross Carry" (FWCC).

Tutorial: How to tie a FWCC

Your base size depends on the size of clothing you wear on your upper body.

XS or smaller: Size 5

Size S-L: Size 6

XL-XXL: Size 7

3XL +: Size 8

It's important to have enough fabric to work with when wrapping so you can tie a secure double knot comfortably. The difference between sizes is only 50 cm, so if you have to choose between two sizes, I always recommend choosing the longer one.

You'll notice there are shorter wraps (sizes 1-4). These shorter wraps are used for alternative tying methods that use less fabric.

Approximate length of fixed winder after washing:

Size 8: 570cm
Size 7: 520 cm

Size 6: 470 cm
Size 5: 420 cm
Size 4: 370 cm
Size 3: 320 cm
Size 2: 270 cm
Size 1: 220 cm

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Ring slings are worn in only a few ways and don't vary in size as much as woven wraps do. People of most sizes can comfortably fit a standard length. Our long length ring slings might be the right choice for you if you wear XL+ size, want to use the sling for back carrying, intend to use it over thick clothing, or if you're tall and like long decorative tails on your sling.

Ring slings (short/long side, measured without rings):

Approximate length after washing:

RS: 180/200 cm

RS long: 210/230 cm

Kram slings: One size (190/220 cm)

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ON MEASUREMENT of slings and coils

ABOUT MEASURING slings and wraps

Fabric is a living material that contracts with washing and stretches with use. Depending on how they're washed and used, they contract and stretch more or less. The stated lengths are approximate measurements after washing. Lengths are approximate and can vary by up to 10%.

Woven wraps and slings are correctly measured using the "soft tape in hand" method - often abbreviated as STIH. With this method, the wrap is measured in the hand with a soft measuring tape. If measured flat on a table, they might seem shorter than they actually are.

Washing your carrier

If you have any questions, send us a message and we'll be happy to help!

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My name is Christine, and I am the founder of Nordic Slings; a wrap and sling brand born from my love for babywearing and beautiful design.

I aim to grant you the freedom to express yourself as a parent while strengthening the unique bond between you and your child.

My baby carriers are crafted with care and love. Each wrap and sling is the result of my passion for combining the finest materials with aesthetic design. I've personally carried both of my children and understand how vital it is for you to feel both comfortable and beautiful while wearing your child.

At Nordic Slings, you won't find a cheap product mass-produced in the East. I oversee the design of my wraps and slings myself. The fabric is custom-woven at a small GOTS-certified weaving mill in Austria, and all of my products are sewn in Denmark. This is why you won't find Nordic Slings in baby stores and other online shops driven by high profits.

With a carrier from Nordic Slings, you're not just receiving an ethically-made, high-quality product. You're also investing in yourself and your child. I hope that my carriers will become an invaluable part of your parenting journey. If you have any questions or need advice, I'm always here to help.

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