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Using a woven wrap

A woven wrap is the epitome of comfort and versatility. It can be used from newborn up to around 20 kg, and depending on how it's tied, the child can be carried on the front, back, or hip. With a woven wrap, you can comfortably carry your child for an extended period as the weight is distributed symmetrically and evenly across your shoulders and back.

We recommend starting by practicing the "Front Wrap Cross Carry," also known as FWCC. For this tie, you'll need a wrap in your base size. Find your base size here

The woven wrap is a carrier suitable for both newborns and older children, evenly distributing the child's weight. It allows you to carry your child comfortably for longer periods.

You can practice a lot at home in front of the screen. There are many helpful tutorials available on platforms like YouTube.

We highly recommend the excellent video tutorials by sling consultant Anita Andersen from Bær Kærligt. In the video below, she demonstrates the basic FWCC tie.

If you need further guidance, I strongly recommend booking a one-on-one session with one of the many skilled certified sling consultants.

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About me


My name is Christine, and I am the founder of Nordic Slings; a wrap and sling brand born from my love for babywearing and beautiful design.

I aim to grant you the freedom to express yourself as a parent while strengthening the unique bond between you and your child.

My baby carriers are crafted with care and love. Each wrap and sling is the result of my passion for combining the finest materials with aesthetic design. I've personally carried both of my children and understand how vital it is for you to feel both comfortable and beautiful while wearing your child.

At Nordic Slings, you won't find a cheap product mass-produced in the East. I oversee the design of my wraps and slings myself. The fabric is custom-woven at a small GOTS-certified weaving mill in Austria, and all of my products are sewn in Denmark. This is why you won't find Nordic Slings in baby stores and other online shops driven by high profits.

With a carrier from Nordic Slings, you're not just receiving an ethically-made, high-quality product. You're also investing in yourself and your child. I hope that my carriers will become an invaluable part of your parenting journey. If you have any questions or need advice, I'm always here to help.

Warm regards,

Christine Marie Lundbye Clausen