Find your size

Use your own clothing size as a starting point when choosing a size in a wrap or sling.


Str. XS or smaller: Size 5
Str. SL: Size 6
Str. XL-XXL: Size 7
Str. 3XL +: size 8

With a wrap in your size (also called "base size"), you can tie a Front Wrap Cross Carry.

Str. 4 and shorter windings are used for bindings that do not require as much fabric.


Str. XS-L: Standard length ring sling ( 180/200 cm )

Str. XL+ (or if you want extra length): Long ring sling ( 210/230 cm )

The hug slings are one size fits all.

Read more about finding your size in wraps and ring loops here: Find your size