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Nordic Slings

Oak Jardin ring sling

Oak Jardin ring sling

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Also available as fixed winding

Signature blend and limited edition

Eik Jardin is a limited edition sling in Nordic Slings' signature blend; 100% silk look and feel in 100% ethical merino wool.

The loop is inspired by the famous gardens in and around Paris.

Here you will be treated to a blend that fits like a bandage and does not need to be walked on. After the first wash, you are left with a buttery soft ring sling in your hand.

On Wraptrack, previous slings in Nordic Slings' signature blend or 2nd and 4th place as all-time best newborn and best toddler wrap .

It is therefore a versatile sling and it is not just sales talk when I say that this blend is suitable for children of all ages. Eik Jardin has a slightly higher gsm than my signature blends from 2019, so it is, if possible, even more toddler-friendly. 😉

The trend is merino, which gives a light bounce that sits nicely on the shoulders. The insert thread is a nubred tussah silk, which provides a good, balanced grip. The weave hugs the body. The malleability of the fabric means that it distributes the child's weight and relieves it incredibly well. Both wool and silk are temperature regulating, so you and your child will therefore rarely experience getting hot and sweaty, and conversely you won't get cold either.

The color is emerald green (trend) and speckled golden yellow (islet).


55% Tussah silk

45% Ethical merino wool

GSM: ~300 after washing

The rings are gold-coloured

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In the same blend: Eik Sleipnir, Eik Fenris, Eik Sif, Eik Jormungandr and Eik Versailles


55% Tussahsilke
45% Etisk merinould (ikke superwash-coated)
Bredde: ca. 70 cm
Vægt: ca. 300 g/m2 efter vask
Ringe: Guldfarvede

Nybegyndervenlig: Ja
Velegnet til nyfødt: Ja
Velegnet til toddler: Ja
Grip: Medium-Højt

Skal vaskes før første brug.

Design: Danmark
Vævet i: Østrig
Produktion: Danmark

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Din egen tøjstørrelse på overkroppen er udgangspunkt for din størrelse i ringslynge.

Str. XS-L: Standard længde ringslynge (180/200 cm)

Str. XL+ (eller hvis du ønsker ekstra længde): Lang ringslynge (210/230 cm)

Kram slyngerne er one size fits all.

Vask & Pleje

Brug vaskemiddel til uld/silke.
Vask på et dedikeret uldprogram på 30 grader, med lav centrifugering (Håndvask anbefales).
Lufttørres fladt i skygge.
Må aldrig tørretumbles.
Stryges på lav-medium varme.
Skal vaskes før første brug.

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