6 grunde til at vi elsker hør

6 reasons why we love linen

Grip, slide, cush, bounce, firmness and "to go for a wrap" . Explanation of the terms can be found at the bottom of the article.


The ancient Egyptians loved the light and shiny fabric, ideal as a cooling shield from the desert sun. The flax plant with beautiful blue flowers has been grown commercially in Western Europe for centuries; the coastal climate with plenty of rain and sun is ideal for producing the highest quality linen. The world's best flax is still grown mainly in France, Belgium and the Netherlands. Here are 6 reasons why we love linen!

1. The flax plant is sustainable to produce

The flax plant is frugal and can be grown in the European climate without the use of irrigation or artificial fertilizers. Once the field has flowered, the stalks ripen and dry in the field before being processed into the shiny, almost gold-like, raw flax fiber.

2. Flax is temperature regulating

Flax, like wool, is a hollow fiber. This means that linen can absorb up to 20% of its own weight in moisture before feeling clammy, and the fiber allows moisture to evaporate quickly. Linen is an ideal fabric for hot summer days.

3. Flax is incredibly strong

Flax is a very strong fiber that has minimal bounce. You will therefore be able to carry even older children comfortably in a thin linen sling and still have firm support - just remember to spread the fabric well on the back.

4. Good linen becomes soft quickly

The better quality of linen, the faster it becomes floppy and soft against the skin. The flax fiber has a naturally shiny surface and falls beautifully. The natural slight unevenness of flax thread gives the fabric a rustic look. 

5. Flax lasts a long time

Linen is a very durable material, and only becomes more beautiful and softer with use.

6. Flax is easy care

The flax fiber is cellulose-based and can therefore easily withstand machine washing with ordinary detergents containing enzymes. Baby flu and other accidents are no problem!


Nordic Sling's linen slings are ready to use and only get softer and more beautiful with use. Linen has no bounce and feels firm and supportive; cooling on hot days and snug on cool evenings.

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Subject terms:

Grip: How well a wrap "sticks" to itself. Grip ensures that a wrap stays in place and does not slide up. However, too much grip can make it challenging to tie tightly enough.
Slide: The opposite of grip. How well a wrap slides over itself. Too much slip can make it challenging to get a binding to stay in place.
Cush: How "pillowy" a wrap/sling is on the shoulder.
Bounce: How elastic a wrap/sling behaves. The opposite of firmness.
To go a wrap/sling to: How the fabric changes with use. A used wrap/sling is often softer and easier to use than a brand new one. It depends to a large extent on the materials how much work is required before a wrap is complete.

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